Wednesday, November 29th, 2023


3-6-23  Indian River County, Fl 

Thank you for your honest and quick work. I will be recommending Roof Repairs Only to my neighbors.

2-22-23  Seasons, Vero Beach, FL 

They men did a great job thank you for getting it done quickly.

1-9-23  Island Club, Vero Beach, FL 

 The guys who worked on my roof were all decent, hard-working and respectful individuals: thanks to them and to you for an uneventful repair project.

1-4-23  Indian River County, FL 

Thanks for the great communication , Juan has great attention to detail !

9-8-22  Vero Beach, FL 

I wanted to say thanks again for an outstanding job by you and your men.

The repair was fast and perfect and no stress for me. That's the best part.

8-3-22  Vero Beach, FL 

Hi Jim - thank you for your email with the explanations and photos. It appears the repairs made by the previous homeowner were not good at all!  I’m thankful it is being done correctly. Thank you.

8-3-22  Island Club, Vero Beach 

Thank you all!! I am thankful for your company’s attention to detail and pride in your work!

I have previously recommended you to my neighbors and local friends, and will continue to do so!

7-22-22  Vero Beach, FL 

Vero pleased with your service.  Thank you. 

7-19-22  Citrus Manor, FL 

Once again, your honesty and professionalism is awesome

7-10-22  Island Club, Fl 

Your guys did a first class job!  Many thanks.  What a pleasure to do business with such a first class outfit.

7-7-22  Island Club, Fl 

Everything looks great an we-re glad you guys were able to fix our leak.  You're the best!

5-12-22  Indian River County, FL 

It has been a pleasure working with you and I will recommend you every chance I get. 

3/31/22 Vero Beach, FL 

Thank you. Crew was great, very hard workers.

3/30/22 - Vero Beach, Fl 

Service beyond the call!!

Thank you so much Jim!!!I'm so happy to have close to a new roof, thanks to you.Your Guys are great.  And then some!!!

3-28-22 Sebastian, FL 

Thank you very much for completing the repairs so quickly. 

3/22/22 Vero Beach, Fl 

thanks for the update. You guys are the best!

3/22/22 Indian River County

Jim - Thank you for the prompt service and price adjustment. Your workers and supervisors were all very professional and pleasant to work with. I appreciate that you stood behind your earlier work (in this same area of our roof). I hope we won’t need to call for your assistance again for a while, but it’s reassuring to know your company is out there if we have another problem. Our payment of the adjusted balance 

3-3-22  Vero Beach, Fl 

David did a great job as usual, Many many thanks!

1-14-22 Indian River County 

Hey Jim / Dave another job well done . 

To the guys ! What a nice personable group that are truly ambassadors for the company . It gives me confidence in recommending your company to friends & neighbors

1-10-22 Vero Beach, Fl

David just left and we want you to know what a pleasure he is to work with. I told him how impressed I was that one Sunday when I received an email from you on that flashing problem we had. "Doing the right thing" ALWAYS pays off and your company is a perfect example.

12-30-21 Vero Beach, Fl 

I clearly picked the right man!

12-28-21 Port St Lucie, Fl 

Thank you so much for taking care of our roofing needs, your folks did a great job.  Also, thanks for the discount off our invoice. 

11-19-21   Indian River County 

Jim, as before, RRO did a fine job identifying and fixing our roof leak. Your crew was here on schedule every morning, worked tirelessly, and left work area around front door entry neat and debris free each night. And they worked with confidence which made me confident that they knew what they were doing.
11-12-21  Indian River county 
Thanks for a wonderful job!!! It's like new!!
9-10-21 - Baytree, Indian River County
Thank you so much for taking care of my roofing- leaking rain problems.  Your attention makes my problems go away.
9-6-21  Indian River County 
When we get this finished, I'll have the prettiest roof in Vero.
Thanks again. You have a good team.
7-30-21 Indian River County 
Jim, Just to let you know with all the rain we have been having, the house is dry as a bone.  Thank you for your work and follow up.
7-26-21  Indian River County
It was great to see that you billed us less than your quote. 
I want to thank you for being so HONEST with us.  It is refreshing to know that there are still honorable people to do business with. 
We will recommend you to our neighbors and friends at every opportunity we have. 
7-23-21 - Walkers Glen, Vero Beach.
It was a great surprise to see that we received a bill that was less then the original quote
Thank you so much for your great service and kudos to a pleasent staff. 

7-3-21 - Island Club, Vero Beach 

Thank you for the completed work.  Your men worked hard and were very nice.  So is Beckie.

5-26-21 Indian River County 

Thanks to you and your team for completing the repairs so efficiently.
Everyone who came out to work was courteous and the crew cleaned up every day and did a good job.
Thanks again,

5-25-21 Island Club

Thanks very much appreciated and despite the problems thanks to you I would be very happy to recommend you any time.

5-14-21 Indian RIver County 

Hi Jim.  Thank you for your great service.   I appreciate your consistent quick response and quality workmanship and am more than willing to pay for it.  It was something that had to be done anyway, and I’m glad that it was you doing it.

4-28-21 Indian River County

Just wanted to thank you and your crew for a great job done on my repair.It has been a terrific experience working with you over these years. 

4-12-21 Vero Beach, Fl 

Jim...  I am very pleased with the invoice and quality of the job your men did.

4-12-21 Vero Beach, Fl   

Wanted to thank you again for your unbelievable response to my problem last month.  You checked the roof for leaks and finding none had a leak detection performed by a plumbing. 

You came to my rescue and took charge beyond the call of duty.  I am so thankful. 

3-27-21 Indian River County, Fl    

anks for coming back and flattening those tiles, really improved the appearance and enhanced the quality of repairs underneath. And for the final invoice, class move. You'll have my future business and referral going forward.

3-11-21  Vero Beach, fl   

 The team is doing a great job!!!

3-5-21 Vero Beach, FL 

Not surprised you are so busy.  You have a great reputation. Just let me know when it’s our turn.  Thanks.

3-4-21 Vero Beach, Fl 

We very much respect and appreciate your professionalism and honesty in coming in under budget.  Great job!

 3-1-21 Vero Beach, Fl 

The check is in the mail. As usual, THANK YOU for the great service and professionalism. You guys are great!

2-2-21  Vero Beach, Fl

The guys just left and it looks like they did a GREAT job! Very nice people and good work.
Thank you for your timeliness at fitting me into your schedule and getting the work done.
1-19-21 Port St. lucie, FL

Thank you - You and your men did a great job.

1-17-21 Vero Beach, Fl

Many thanks for getting us on your schedule.

1-12-21 Vero Beach, FL 

Your team is very impressive hard workers and very professional.

1-9-21 Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks for the prompt response. It sounds like good advice and I will attempt to move in that direction. All the best to you all and thanks for your help.

12-23-20  Vero Beach, Fl   

I can't believe that your son was able to make a replacement dolphin for my roof cupola! Master craftsman.

You were so thoughtful to do this which is why I love working with you and your team of hard workers.

You went above and beyond.

Merry and Happy~

11-19-20  Vero Beach, Fl 

I so appreciate your kindness.   I have always trusted you so I am very grateful.

7/29/2020  Palm City, Fl   

Thank you, I was impressed with David and your company.  It is nice to find a reliable and honest firm

7/24/2020  Indian River County, Fl   

Thank you for making all the necessary repairs to our aging roof.  Glad you were able to get this done for us before there are any tropical threats headed our way.  I want to also say that you have a great bunch of employees.  They couldn’t be more accommodating and friendly, not to mention competent in their work.  You are fortunate to have this crew.

The best part of this is doing business with someone I trust.

6/30/2020  Sebastian, Fl  

Just wanted to thank you for your response, straight-forwardness regarding scheduling and advise about opportunists.  It allowed me to move on rapidly and vet providers.

6/24/2020  Indian River Shores, FL 

Thank you for your prompt service on my latest leaking roof valley.  Thanks for that advise and offer. I again thank you for your great service over the years.

6/8/2020  Vero Beach, Fl    

Thanks so much for your quick attention to this.  It’s very helpful to have the photos.  I assume the repair over my office has been completed for which I am very grateful!  Your men are easy to have around and always leave the area neat and clean,  Very unusual for most workman!  I am most appreciative.

5/16/2020  Grand Harbor, FL   

The quote was a little more than expected, but I trust your estimate, but I would hope, as always, that if it could be completed for less then that your guys would make it happen.

As always thank you for your responsiveness and professionalism.  Our twenty year relationship has been a pleasure.

5/16/2020  Vero Beach, Fl   

As walways, you are most kind, thoughtful and prompt.  Thank you.

4/17/2020  Jensen Beach, Fl 

Thank you for a beautiful job!

4/16/2020  Island Club, Vero Beach, Fl 

Thank you Mr. Parks. We will put the remaining balance in the mail to you via a check. And we will recommend you to our neighbors for your prompt service and great communication.

4/2/2020  Fort Pierce, Fl 

Know that the "Word of mouth" advertising Beth and I will give to all regarding Jim Parks, A/K/A Roof Repairs Only, Inc. will be positively positive. 

Integrity = 10.0

Honesty = 10.0

Professionalism = 10.0

3/30/2020 Vero Beach, Fl

Having been a contractor for more than a few years, it's refreshing to meet people with integrity.

3/18/2020  Vero Beach, Fl 

Many thanks for the nice quick service.  A contribution to Gifford Youth Orchestra is in the mail in hopes of balancing your generous under charge.

2/28/2020  Orchid, FL

We closed today on the sale of our home - sad, but now we look forward to a new chapter in our lives.   We always say how fortunate we have been to know you and your services to keep our roof in good shape.
We know many others would not have been so honest by encouraging to replace rather than repair.   Thank you for the years you've looked after us!

2/18/2020   Vero Beach, Fl 

Thanks for your help on this and I appreciate the cost reduction.  Very honorable!

2/7/2020  Orchid, Fl 

First time I have ever seen time and materials come under budget.

1/30/2020  Port St Lucie, Fl 

Great experience, great work and honest.  Not my usual experience with contractors in Florida.  Thank you for all your help.

1/24/2020  Vero Beach, Fl 

Herewith the balance due on the December work at my house.  You all are pleasant people.  I appreciate that.

10/25/19  Sebastian, FL 

I recevied your invoice today, I am sending you a cheque to cover the cost.   I take this opportunity to thank you for your consideration regarding the drywall and the professional way in which the business was completed. 

10/20/19 Indian River County 

Just a quick update.  Your team was very professional.

9/23/19  Rio Mar, Vero Beach, Fl 

Many thanks for handling this repair so quickly.

9/18/19  River club, Vero Beach, Fl

We would like to thank you for the professional job done by your crew on our roof.  They worked hard, cleaned up everyday and were always respectful and courteous.

When the work was complete, we had peace of mind when Hurricane Dorian was predicted.  we could relax because we knew Roof Repairs Only did an excellent job and we would stay dry.

8/16/19  Sea Oaks, Vero Beach, Fl 

Jim - crew did a great job.  Hung in there notwithstanding the crappy weather.  Polite and accomodating too.  As usual, much appreciated!

8/16/19  The Shores, Indian River County 

I received your invoice and will put check in the mail.  You have always been fair, and I assume that is the case here also.

8/11/19 Royal Gardens, Vero Beach, Fl 

Thank you for getting my roof fixed fo quickly.

7/18/19 Baytree, Indian River County, FL

Thank you for taking care of my roof problems and for the lovely clear plexiglas, and a thank you to all of the gentlemen who work for you.

7/11/19 Oak Harbor, Vero Beach, Fl 

Thank you for a great job! and for doing it so quickly and under budget!

6/29/19 Orchid, Fl 

Thank you so much for helping us and as always doing a wonderful job!

6/27/19 Sebastian, Fl 

Thank you guys for a Job Well Done!

5/22/19 Ocean Oaks, Indian River County 

Please accept my grateful thanks for a wonderful job!

3/11/19 Ocean Oaks, Indian River County 

Jim, Your team is doing a wonderful job!

3/8/19  Johns Island, Indian River County

Just a short note to thank you and your men for a job well done.  Rest assured that should anyone need roof repairs, your company will receive my highest recommendation.  You really have a great group of people working for you.

2/12/19  John's Island, Indian River County

Hi James, That is great news! I am impressed with your teams efficiency and prep. Very nice young men as well. Thanks.

1/20/19  Ocean Oaks, Vero Beach, FL

Dear Jim, I can't thank you enough. Your Crew did a fabulous job! I couldn't be more pleased. Many, many thanks for persevering with me.

10/29/18  Rio Mar, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you for an outstanding job! 

10/25/18  Ocean Oaks, Vero Beach, FL

I feel very lucky to have you "on our team". Many thanks for your quick response!

9/13/18  Seagrove West, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you! I really appreciate you, and you ask for less money. Thank you!

8/24/18  Orchid, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you for another job well done by you and your company. Wishing you a healthy, happy summer.

7/13/18  Island Club, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you for the quick response and subsequent visit to see the issue. Due to nature of the work and quality job your crew provide, I thank you for your professionalism and commitment to customer service.  Honestly, I hope we don't have to use RRO for a long time, but I know if we do your company will provide great service.

6/18/18  Orchid, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you again for taking care of us. Not used to receiving an invoice with a cost reduction.  Much appreciated.

3/7/18  Shady Acres, Vero Beach, FL

What a nice surprise! To received a bill less then expected.  Any way you could do my daughter's house? We love your work!

2/2018     Stuart, fl

Thank you .. All fixed!!! Will always recommend your company!

11/18/17   Mcansh Park, Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for a job well done!  I sincerely appreciate your hard work and fast response to repair my leaking roof.  I'll know who to call if I have any future problems.  Best regards and thanks to all!

11/13/17 Vero Beach, FL

Several months ago, your company repaired a leak in our roof and my husband and I wanted to thank you for the quality job that was done.  During Hurricane Irma our roof was "tight and dry" inside.  Your office staff is very professional and the workers that came to the house were as well.  Thank you so much!

10/26/17  Pointe West, Vero Beach, Fl

Jim - I received your refund check for $35.00.  I've added $35.00 of my own and sent a check for $70.00 to WQCS.  It is a real pleasure doing business with you.  You're such a great asset to the area.

10/2017 Ambersand Beach, Vero Beach, Fl

Jim, Dave & Beckie:  Thank you so much.  We lost small cap tile only during IRMA.  This week 24 inches of rain and during IRMA - I HAD NO LEAKS.  Your team always impresses me with their work.

7/23/2017  Walkers Glen, Vero Beach, FL

I just wanted to thank you for getting my repair done as quickly as you did. I really appreciate it very much. Also, I would like to mention that Scott and Simon were great. They worked very hard, professionally and friendly. I have recommended Roof Repairs Only to several people with roof issues and I will continue to do so. Thanks and regards.

7/20/17 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for a Job well done.

5/17/17   John's Island

We were thrilled to see the big reduction from the original estimate. This is really thoughtful and remarkable in these times of contractor price gouging.  Just as a friend let me know about your good work and pricing, I intend to tell my neighbors here in John's Island that your firm's efforts are top quality and that they will be more than satisfied with the price.

Thanks again for the consideration and for the prompt and timely work.

5/5/17, Port St. Lucie, Fl

Very happy with the repairs you completed and very appreciative of the final bill coming in less then the projected cost.

5/1/17 Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks Jim.  Great job and that's not only for picking up the third leak but also for going forward to fix it.  Perfect!  Just the way I want to do things.  You folks deserve to have the good business that you do.  Thanks again.

4/12/17 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you! And Jim, as a perfectionist myself, it is very nice to work with another one.

3/2017 Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks for a great repair job.

2/9/17 Vero Beach, FL

Thank you very much for your work ethics.

12/31/16 Indian River County, Fl

I'm glad that you are the ones who fixed my roof.  You are a hard working crew and nice to have around.  I feel confident that my roof will last through many more storms.

11/11/16 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for completing the work so quickly and below estimate.  I greatly appreciate your help, especially when you are extremely busy after the hurricane.

11/7/16 Vero Beach, Fl

I was so impressed y the courtesy of your workers. They made the inconvenience of a roof repair to be very tolerable.  I'm so glad that I chose your company.

8/26/16 Indian River County, Fl

It was a couple of weeks ago that I met members of your roofing team on a scorching summer afternoon.  The work you did those hot days will be a major relief to the kids and adults who regularly meet under the newly installed roof. 

To receive your gift this morning was a totally unexpected and quit moving experience, Thank you and know that we gladly proclaim "Roof Repairs Only" the official roofers for our church.

7/22/16  Port St. lucie, Fl

Thank you and referring to your statement "We are pleased to remit under projection" on your invoice, I am quite sure I am more pleased then you are.

7/19/2016  Port St. Lucie, Fl

Really Happy Customer!

6/2016  Indian River County

Fabulous Job! Fabulous Bill!

4/6/16 Port St. Lucie, Fl

I was delighted to hear I would be billed once the job was completed; not often now a days but refreshing.  I will recommend your services to friends and neighbors as I am most pleased with the results.  Thanks again!

4/1/16 Indian River County, Fl

WOW! Maybe a first even for me! (Seeing and invoice less that proposed cost)

3/2016 Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks for your help, Fidel & Roberto are excellent workers and the job looks great.

3/2016 Indian River County, Fl

Thank you! Your whole crew was terrific.

2/2016 Indian River County, Fl

I want to thank you again for the great response.

12/24/15 Indian River Count, FL.

We can't say enough about the courteous, efficient service from your office and employees who worked on our roof. When we received your proposal we felt the cost was excessive. Now, after you have completed our repair, We feel fully confident we received a quality repair for a fair price. We will refer you to anyone  looking for an honest, efficient roofing contractor. We thank you for your professionalism at all levels. 

11/9/15 Indian River County, Fl

Jim, You have a great crew.  Hang on to them. 

10/28/15 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for your prompt service.  Your employees were pleasant and accommodating.  They were very neat and worked hard.  I just wanted you to know that.  Thank you.

10/21/15  Brevard County, Fl

Its always a pleasure working with professionals - particularly when the ultimate client is happy and appreciative.

10/20/15 Brevard County, Fl

My recent experience with the roof repair was exceptional.  The owner Jim Parks and his 2 employees were a pleasure to deal with and did an amazing job.

8/2015, Indian River County

Thank you for your great service, I will recommend you to my friends.

6/20/15 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for taking such good care of me with my leaking roof.  Your workers are excellent and very nice to have working on one's home.

5/9/15  Orchid, Fl

Thank you .. how many companies in this world give you an estimate and come in under the estimate.  You are very special.


Thank you for all you help and a job well done.


Many thanks for a great job and under the bid!


Thank you so very much for your rapid and, so far, complete repairs to our church's roof.  We also thank you for the donation back to our parish community of faith.

There are not many vendors who even think about the work the churches, synagogue or mosque in reaching out  to our community.  How kind of you to give back - or rather "pay it forward".

We are thankful for your good work and your caring for our community of Vero Beach.   Blessing on you and all that you do.

1/8/15  Sebastian, fl

We left town knowing that the job was going to be completed in our absence over the holidays, so we mailed in our check for the estimated cost prior to leaving. It was a wonderful surprise to come home and find the work completed and a refund of our over payment waiting in the mail.

10/2014 Stuart, Fl

Thank you for your courtesy calls from scheduling the repair and with the notice of delay due to weather.

10/2014 Vero Beach, Fl

Your men are great! A credit to you.

10/2014 Indian River County

Thanks for getting to this so quickly and under the estimate.  Always a nice surprise.

10/2014  Port St. Lucie, Fl

Thank you for a painless roof repair experience, from the 1st phone call to the bill.  No clean up, your guys are great, I'd happily recommend your company to anyone, thanks again.

10/2014 Vero Beach, fl

We appreciate the excellent service and attention to costs!


Thanks for they very a professional job on our roof and chimney.  Your team did an excellent job, as did you!

9/2014   Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you very much! You're the best!  I appreciate your professionalism and prompt attention. You will be highly recommended.

8/2014   Sebastain, fl

Thank you for "Being You" and what a great surprise at the end of the job for the bill to be less then expected.

4/30/14  Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks, nice to get a bill lower then the estimate!

4/24/14 Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks and your crew were very pleasant and efficient.

4/16/14 Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks, nice to get a bill lower then the estimate.

4/15/14 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for the excellent work and the excellent breakdown of costs.

4/11/14  Vero Beach, Fl

Just received your bill, its much less then your estimate, Wow, that never happens!

4/5/14  Port St. Lucie, Fl

Used your company twice, both times you have been right on the money!

3/28/14 Indian River County, Fl

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your guys, Can't say enough.

3/2014 - Orchid, Fl

Thank you to you and your crew for a job very well done. 

2/2014 - Martin County

Thank you for your service.

1/2014 - Vero Beach, fl

Thank you for your quick response and workmanship.

11/2013 - Vero Beach, Fl

Over the course of my years, I have noticed a gradual decline in customer service at all levels in our society.  Many companies seem to have lost their understanding of both honest and concern for their customers. It has become increasing difficult to find a company that communicates, honestly prices their services and follows through on their representations.

I am truly delighted that the recommendation made by our local pool company to use your company on a roof problem has helped restore my confidence that wonderful companies with great people and values still exist.  His call to your office stated the process.  you followed with an action plan, inspection, cost estimate and a quick start.  That process was followed by an on time start, completion and careful follow-up on key issues.

The final touch was a concern on the part of David that there might be some interior issues that should be reviewed and evaluated.  A meeting was scheduled and the issued thoroughly discussed with conclusions noted.  Not only did we received the best of service and workmanship the total charge was $2,300.00 below the estimate.

You and your team are establishing a reputation, in a difficult industry, that should be a standard that others seek.  Great communication, on time execution, superior workmanship and an extraordinary concern regarding the knowledge and satisfaction of your customer.

Congratulation on creating an organization and team that restores the classic view of execution coupled with an embedded concern for your customer.

9/2013 Vero Beach, FL

With thanks to all who completed a great job and meticulous cleanup..... in spite of the weather

7/2013 Indian River CountyYou do excellent work.  You have fixed the leak and you have gained a very happy customer.

6/2013 Indian River County

I was very impressed with the courteous workmen who repaired our roof. They answered my questions politely and made certain the work are was properly cleaned when the completed the job.  Thank  you for quality service.

5/2013   Vero Beach, Fl

Your guy did a great job and I really appreciate the fact that he was so efficient.  Your office mailed me the bill a short while ago and I am indeed very pleased with the final charges.

Thanks for your professionalism and for a job well done.

5/2013   Vero Beach, Fl

If I had the expertise in your business of repairing roofs , I would like to work for you.

1-21-13  Vero Beach, Fl

I would like to thank you and your employees for the outstanding service you provided during our roof repairs.  Your employees were polite and professional.  I never heard a curse word not music playing.  After the job they picked up every piece of debris.  Also, the job was completed when promised.  My wife and I have engaged in numerous home repair/improvement projects over the past few years.  Your company was among the best.

9-10-12 Jupiter, Fl

Thank you, your guys were hard working and courteous. Will recommend!

8-10-12  Sebastian, Fl

Thank you so much for your professionalism and efficiency.

8-9-12 Melbourne, Fl

Very much appreciate your straight dealing, especially as work was more extensive then originally anticipated.

7-13-12 Fort Pierce, Fl

Thank you so much for a speedy and professional job.

7-10-12 Vero Beach, Fl

We really appreciate the great job you did for us.

6-20-12 Royal Palm Beach, Fl

Thank you so much for returning my roof back to normal and for such professional service.

6-11-12 Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for a speedy and good repair!

5-9-12 - Boynton Beach, Fl

They did an excellent job, Thank you.

4-18-12 Port St. Lucie, Fl

Job well Done, David was super to work with.

3-26-12 - Fort Pierce, Fl

I called Roof Repairs Only early on Friday afternoon after losing patience with the third failed attempt to fix my roof leak by another company.  David was on my roof at 9:00 am on Monday.  He listened to what I had to say, looked at the plastic patch I had put on myself, inspected the roof and roof/balcony walls seam, looked at the other company's prior work, put his finger on a spot and said he could feel the problem right in the middle of the area I had been arguing was the leak source.  He met a work crew at my home that Friday and showed them what he wanted done. The roof was sealed and we were leak free by afternoon.  The following Tuesday the shingles were put back in place.  David then came by to inspect the work two days later and said he would repaint the flashing and wall marks if I could get paint from the association.  I got paint and he came back two days later and did the painting himself.  The professionalism of this company is in marked contrast to what I was seeing from previous company that dragged work out for weeks without a successful repair.  If you want the cheapest price you can get for a band-aid patch, look elsewhere.  But if you want your roof quickly, efficiently and professionally repaired with care for the long term, call Roof Repairs Only. 

Thanks again to both you and your courteous work crew.

2-2012 - Indian River County

I wanted to thank you for the follow up call. As a struggling business person myself, old fashion business ethics mean a lot to me.

1-2012 - Palm Beach County

Thanks again for being reliable and dependable! Also for staining the shakes to blend - they look great.

12-5-2011 - Vero Beach, Fl

We were very pleasantly surprised, as you know, to get your bill because is was somewhat less than estimated.

Thank you very much indeed for this and for carrying out a very efficient repair whilst we were in residence.  We know you rearranged your workmen to accommodate our hopes of carrying out the repair whilst we were there, wonderful, thanks again.

We shall ensure all our Vero Beach friends are told about your firm and although we hope this will not occur, we will have no hesitation to have you back again should we have any further leaks in new areas.

9-2011  Vero Beach, Fl

Thank you for your work and being so speedy

8-13-11  Sebastian, Fl

This was the first time dealing with Roof Repairs Only.  I want to tell you that my wife and I are very happy with your company.  Your men were very polite,  did a great Job arrived on time.  When the job was done I had a check ready for them, they said they didn't need it as we would be billed later.  95% of other contractors would not have left with out a check. 

I like the way you run your business.  If we ever have friends who have a roof problem you are number 1.

7-2011  Vero Beach, Fl

Thanks for your help.  Your men did a fine job.  My thanks to them too.  We're very pleased and send you our best.

6-10-11 Port St. Lucie  

Thanks for great Service. 

5-19-11 Palm Beach County

Rarely do you find a competent and completely honest roofer.  Jim Parks and Roof Repairs Only staff have my total confidence.  I always feel like I've gotten a real bargain with their repairs.  It gives me much comfort to know I can rely on and trust their work.  Roof Repairs Only is the best!

12-3-10  Indian River County

I have utilized the services of Jim Parks, owner of Roof Repairs Only, Inc. regarding various roof repairs over the past 20 years.  My experience with Jim and his company has been quite favorable.  In particular, I have noticed that Jim Parks takes the time to perform a quality forensic examination of the roofing structure, which enables him to provide the homeowner with an accurate diagnosis of the problem and the recommended treatment.

By doing so, unnecessary work is avoided and the actual problem is fixed.

I have also found that Mr. Parks simply will not perform a sub-standard or patch repair.  His work comes with a warranty, therefore it must be done correctly.  based on my personal experience with Jim Parks at Roof Repairs Only, Inc. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.

10-26-10  Palm City, Martin County

Impeccable Service, you really know how to run a company.  Your workman knew exactly what they were to do and were great.

9-11-10 Vero Beach

 Thank you so very much for such a great job!  David, Jose and your crews were most professional and thorough with the entire repair. 

8-7-10 Indian River Shores

Many, Many thanks for my new chimneys.  They look great and my worries about their shaky condition is over.

You have a wonderful crew and the intense heat made their job very difficult.  I highly praise them for their endurance.

3-4-10  Malabar, Brevard County

A special thank you to Chris for coming on a cold and blustery day to not only check our concerns, but to remedy them. We are satisfied with the work done (again thank you). No need to meet with Barry tomorrow or Monday, unless it is part of the process, We will get your check in the mail this evening. We may in the near future want to contract with you for replacement of skylight windows.

2-1-10  Port St. Lucie

Thank you for a very smooth and professional business transaction!

Excellent work!

1-29-10  Port St. Lucie

Thank you for the prompt service, being here when promised, and sending a very nice man to do the work.

Hopefully now those darn raccoons will stay out!!

If anyone needs roof work done I will recommend your company.

1-22-10 Vero Beach

Hello "Roof Repairs" and J. Parks. Thanks for your help with my roof project. The new roof is being installed on 3-22-10

7-5-09 Melbourne Beach
I want to thank you Jim Parks and your workers for a job well done. After so long I am now able to be reassured no more leaks and ceiling falling around my living rooms no more. Thank you again for the lower price quote.

11-25-08 Vero Beach 
James R. Parks, et al:  I would like to add heaps of praise on Chris, who did such an amazing job that it took me three days of peering at the roof with binoculars to find the repairs. He has an eye for color worthy of Martha Stewart; I did not think it possible that color could be so well matched to an 18 year old roof. He is an employee to be treasured. Best Wishes.

8-14-07 Sea Grove IRC
Dear Jim:   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in resolving this dilemma. Your staff did an excellent job of finding and correcting both of the roof and balcony leaks, as well as the upper cabana walkway leaks. All of their work was performed neatly and professionally, including clean-up at the conclusion of each day’s work. Fidel was especially knowledgeable and informative, and he, as well as all of your workers, were pleasant and easy to work with.

7-16-07 Moorings Vero Beach
I really appreciate the thoroughness of your work and itemized detail work. No hurricane will touch the chimney. Many Thanks.

5-5-07  Orchid Island 
Jim:  Thanks for your expeditious response to my request for tightening up my roof. Hope to see you at Burger King soon.

2-14-07 Johns Island 
Dear Jim:  We were very pleased with your expert crew. Please let them know we think they are terrific. Another hurricane season approaches and we are a lot less worried than before. If the worst happens I hope you will help us out. Many - Many Thanks.
1-21-07 Vero Beach 
Dear Jim & Dave:  We are very pleased at the way you handled the leak. The plumber has been here and replaced the pipe joints. Let us know if we owe you any additional money.
1-11-07 Indian River Shores
Call in appreciation for you closing up the outside of the roof, eliminating entry for the rodents. We appreciate the good work.

3-1-06  Vero Beach
The men who did the job were so efficient and pleasant, I’m certain they did a good job for me. Of course I am unable to see the roof repairs but based on the behavior of the men - it has to be a perfect repair.  I will be using your companies name when my friends ask do you know a good roofer?  I will refer to Roof Repairs Only!

10-10-05 Vero Beach  Jim:  Thank you for the estimate and return of my deposit. You are a gentleman and a true professional.

5-2-05  Grand Harbor 
Dear Jim:  Thank you for getting my roof repaired. I know you busted your butt getting tile and I appreciate all of your efforts.  We are leaving for the summer in two weeks and thanks to you I can leave knowing I have a sound roof.

4-22-05 Grand Harbor 
Hi Jim:  Thanks for having the work done on our roof - Fidel and Marcelo did a great job. They are excellent workers, friendly and good to have here doing the job. You can be very proud of them   Best Regards.

4-4-05  Grand Harbor
Hi Jim:  Thanks for coming over with Dave to check out the leak and the possible causes - really appreciate your help and support. Best Regards.

10-22-2004 Johns Island 
Roof Repairs Only.  You were so kind to answer my request for help on my roof, so I am replying to inform you that another firm arrived just hours before your letter arrived. These are difficult times and I hope we can do business again when thing are not so Topsy turvy. I sincerely thanks you.


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